What is a Rumford Fireplace?

200 years ago, an English physicist named Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford invented the Rumford Fireplace.

With a tall, shallow, elegant design, Rumford Fireplaces work much more efficiently than conventional fireplaces for three main reasons:

1. The streamlined throat guides smoke smoothly into the chimney without turbulence, reducing the amount of warm air lost up the chimney.

2. Rumford Fireplaces give off far more heat. The widely flared sides radiate large amounts of heat over a very broad arc.

3. Finally, by keeping the smoke at a higher temperature for a longer period of time, Rumford Fireplaces are the cleanest-burning fireplaces available.

Indoor or Outdoor, Rumford Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home space. We ensure superior results as fast as possible – less than an hour construction time!

Call now to order your own elegant and efficient Rumford Fireplace, the cleanest burning fireplaces available!

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